Need an Editor?

published6 months ago
1 min read

Hi Bookfoxers,

I have some time in my calendar this month, and I'm opening up 3 slots for developmental editing.

First come, first serve!

Here's how developmental editing works: I write an essay talking about your novel -- characters, plot, dialogue, themes, pacing, beginning/endings and much, much more.

I highlight what you're doing well and also some places where you could improve.

You should know a few things:

  • The feedback will be friendly.
  • I'm cheering for you.
  • You will be encouraged (but also get specific ways to revise).

Hit reply and tell me your word count and genre, and I can quote you a price.

If you haven't finished your novel, I also offer a service where I give feedback on the first 5,000 words of your book. This usually ends up saving writers a few years of missteps and accelerates their novel completion.